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There are many  model listing services on the web but in my opinion   OMP  is by far the best and a great asset for new models and photographers. They offer both free and  paid sites available, the difference being how may photos you can post and the extent of access to other services you level of membership provides. Before you rush off to get a free listing take a little time to do your homework to maximize your exposure. Access to certain features are available to non members and are a great place to start before you get a on line listing..

You can search you area to see what other models and photographers are on line and view their profiles. Profiles provide stats and the services the model/ photographer provides along with a mini portfolio and a link to their personal web page. Profiles may contain anyplace from  0 to 100 plus photos, not all of which are viewable to non members depending on their level of membership. Put yourself in the position of a prospective client seeking to hire this model or photographer. If there are no photos on their profile there is not much to judge them on so on to the next one. What do you like and what do you dislike  about their profile and web page. Do you have photos comparable to your future competition? Look at the date the profile was last updated and how long they have been a member, old dates may indicate no longer being active.

After checking out their profile and going over the photos you have available now is a good time to go photographer search for local photographers to help you get the photos you need. The photos on your profile should reflect the type of work you are seeking. A good portfolio should consist of a great headshot along with at least one good bodyshot . If you are looking to do swimwear or lingerie and you do not have a good bodyshot and everything is in baggy shirts and blue jeans, you are not promoting yourself  to the max. If you think you have great legs make sure you have at least one pose that shows that.

OMP also has two very good ways of looking at what others are submitting for their profiles. On the OMP Home Page there is a section of Recently Images where the last 5000 images added are listed, each one links to the profile of the respective model / photographer. Mode; images within a profile are also often linked to the photographer's profile and photographer image will often contain a link to the models profile. The staff at OMP also chose from the submitted photos those that they consider the best and put them in the Showcase  section. Here the photos are divided by the type of photo, headshots, lingerie, glamour etc.. If you print out the ones you like, they are low res files so they will not be great but they will serve as an example to show the style you are looking for to your Photographer / Model.

Once you have your photos ready now is the time to become a member and list your profile. There are several reason to wait until you have good photos before you list. One of the services OMP offers is to notify photographers in your state of new models as they come on line. Included in this e-mail notification is a thumbnail  of the first photo in you profile as well as your stats and types of work you are seeking.

In addition to Photographer and Model listings there are also several very good Bulletin Boards available for members.

Some photographers will offer to do your profile for you, which saves you some work but now they any e-mail that goes to your profile will go to them and may or may not get forwarded to you. If someone does the profile make sure the e-mail goes to you not them and that you have the password  and access to alter your site when you want to! All e-mail sent to OMP members is forwarded thru OMP so your own e-mail address is only known to people that you give it to otherwise the only way someone knows you is as OMP model #xxxxx. Another good practice to maintain your privacy is to list only your first name and town. Susan Smith in Cherry Hill NJ may be able to be identified by someone willing to do the detective work but Susan in Cherry Hill is much more anonymous. Susan, living in Cherry Hill is even more difficult to find if she list her town as Pennsauken NJ, the next town over which still gives prospective clients an idea of how far she will have to travel to get to the shoot.

Included in the Free Starter Portfolio is the following:
1. 21 images may be uploaded to your portfolio
2. Your statistics, general information, and resume
3. Listing in the MSE (Modeling Search Engine) largest in the industry
4. Basic use of OMP search engine to find photographers and other members
5. Access to Our exclusive Private Email System - Referral System
6. Automatic notifications of all new Photographers and Agents added to your state
7. OMP newsletter
8. Chat system
9. Limited access to Message Boards
10. Email tech support
11. And access to 1.7 million viewers a month

Best Value is a Silver Membership!
If you want Increased Exposure on One Model Place
Upgrade to a Silver Membership Today!
39.95 per year or 6.95 per month)

Added features available to Silver Members Include:
1. Higher ranking in the MSE (Modeling Search Engine)
2. Intermediate Level Search
3. Eligibility for the "Featured Model" on the homepage
4. Free 10MB OMP email account, no email forwarding.
5. Eligibility for the "Photo of the Day" Pop-Up on the homepage
6. Video Streaming Option
7. Eligibility for a posting in "Members in the News"
8. Higher ranking in the "Updated Models" list
9. Access to the "Casting Calls" section of the site
10. Allow all users to view all 21 images
11. Access to Selected Message Board and Forums
12. Access to the OMP Workshops
13. Ability to send 20 emails a day to other OMP members
14. No Pop-Up ads on your portfolio, or when you're looking at other OMP portfolios
15. No HTML or web addresses allowed in comments section

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