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What can I make?

One of the first questions new models (and Photographers) make is " What am I worth?  The real question is what does the job pay? Even top models will get paid different amounts based on the job they are doing and what the usage of the photos is. A shoot for a photographers portfolio or a  school's Art class will pay  less than an ad for a local company in a local paper and almost everything will pay less than a national ad campaign for a major company. If you are represented by an  Model Agency they take care of negotiating the contracts but the ultimate value is determined by the client and what his budget is. A client may have had a Supermodel in mind but did not have enough 000 in his budget for Tyra of Claudia  but you might fit his budget just right.

What determines if a job is right for you is how much you want to do it and the pay involved, if you  really want the job you will settle for less money than if it something you do not want to do. One thing that should influence your decision is how much modeling you have done lately. Like anything else the more you model before the camera the better you get at it, if you have not been in front of the camera for more than a couple of weeks you should be willing accept almost any sum or be doing TFP shoots to add to your portfolio and put yourself in a better position for better paid work.

One mistake  I see many models make is listing their rates on a web page. If your rates are above a clients budget they may not consider you, if they are too low they may assume you are too inexperienced and not want to take a chance with you or you may get the job and only make a fraction of what you should. If you are not being represented by an Agency the question you should always ask the prospective client when asked " What do you charge?" should be " What is your budget for modeling talent?". If their price is too low you may be able to negotiate it higher but if their price is higher than you expected you should validate that you both clearly understand what is involved and then make a decision and you just might make more than you had expected.