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Workshop Ethics

Workshops have a large group of people , both photographers and models getting together to accomplish a common goal of getting great photographs for their portfolio. To accomplish this it is important to maintain the highest ethical standards to achieve the desired results ensure that everyone will have a good time and insure participation in future workshops for both models and photographers.

Treat all participants with respect -- at all times.
Be respectfully of the other photographers waiting to photography the same model.
Be respectfully of the need of the models to be photographed by a variety of photographers in a number of wardrobe changes.
Do not monopolize one model to the exclusion of others.
Work as quickly as possible but if  you want to photograph one model for more than about 5 minutes take a break and let someone else shoot and get in line to shoot her again.
Models are compensated with pictures so the more of the models time you use the more pictures you should be giving her. Be generous!