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Preparing  for the  shoot
The key to success is preparation, preparation and more preparation. Luck is defined as preparation meeting opportunity. The better prepared you are the luckier you get and the more successful your endeavors.

The first part of preparation is practicing poses in front of a full length mirror . Look thru fashion magazines of clothing catalogs for your basic standing and sitting poses, pay attention to placement of hands and feet for it is the little things that make the difference.

Pick out your wardrobe, this is critical for you want things that show you off at your best. Make sure that you have the right shoes etc. to go with each outfit. Get the clothes laundered and pressed if needed and then prepare a packing list to make sure you do not leave anything at home that you need. Do not bring jewelry unless it is a necessary accessory for a particular outfit.  Small  earrings are OK but watches and bracelets and rings usually detract from the photo and can leave marks on the skin. Make sure you check out the Wardrobe Suggestions page as this can make or break a shoot

Several days before the shoot take care of the  beauty treatments, shave or wax, get the hair and nails done. Now is not the time to experiment with wild new styles or products you have not used before. For the nails try neutral colors and do not forget the toes.

Make sure you have the directions to the shoot location and pack everything the day before the shoot and check your list! Then check it again.

The nite before make sure you get a good nights sleep as no one looks their best after a poor nights sleep!

The day of the shoot arrive on time! Wear loose fitting clothes and shoes that do not leave marks on the skin. Leave the jewelry at home, except as discussed above. Bring your portfolio or any recent pictures with you.

What to bring to the shoot. In addition to your wardrobe:
Haircare accessories
Safety pins
Small sewing kit
Emergency items, Medications, Tylenol etc
Wardrobe suggestions