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For our Petite Models
For our purposes a petite model is anyone under 5' 7". The only type of modeling that petite models do not qualify for is High Fashion where the taller the better is the general rule. In smaller markets some exceptional petites may find some work in High Fashion but they are the exception and even in those cases most of their professional work will be in other areas. Spokesmodels, promotional models, swimwear, lingerie,glamour, fitness, body part, nude , lifestyle and fit models need not be tall .

One thing that both tall and petite models often share is poor choice of shoes. Tall models avoid traditional high heels because they normally do not want to further stand out in a crowd. Petite models often take advantage of today's popular platform shoes that can make anyone 6' tall. The problem with platform shoes photographically is twofold. First they tell the world that you are not tall because rarely do tall girls wear them. Secondly traditional high heels make the legs seem longer , provide definition and shape to the legs and alter the body alignment. High heel platform shoes do all but the first which is the most important; to lengthen the legs. Platform shoes may be useful if you are posing with another taller model, especially in non full length photos.

For more information on shoes see the section on Wardrobe Suggestions.