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Cast and Crew

Any photoshoot is a collaborative effort of people doing a multitude of jobs, on a large shoot each job may be done by one or more people but even on the smallest shoot all the jobs are the same only the number of people to do them and the success of the shoot is determined by how well all of the jobs are performed.

The photographer is responsible for bringing the team together and insuring that the goal of the shoot is met. He is responsible for selecting the equipment and performing the photographic tasks necessary to capture the image.

The model can have several different roles in a shoot and in a shoot for her portfolio she is also the client. In most forms of photography the models job is to make the product look good be it clothing , product or an intangible idea(as in lifestyle photos)

Art Director
The AD is responsible for the concept of the photo and you will almost always be one for commercial shoots, depending on the size of the project he may be at the shoot. In a portfolio shoot either the model or photographer may be providing the art direction depending on who came up with the concept for the shoot.

The stylist is responsible for everything that appears in the picture, all of the props as well as everything the model is wearing. On smaller budget shoots the model may be told what to wear to the shoot and the stylist will accessorize it. On a portfolio shoot the model or photographer will decide on wardrobe with best results coming from collaboration so that both are working for the same goal.

Hair/ Makeup / Wardrobe Stylist
On really large shoots these may be three separate people or they may be tasks of the Stylist. In addition to getting the model ready for the shoot they become a second set of eyes for the photographer during the shoot. The success of any shoot depends on a lot of little details and having someone pay attention to just one area and provide touch ups during breaks can be a really big help. Many times stylists are also models or former models earning extra cash. On portfolio shoots these functions are often taken care of by the model or a friend of the model but you should always determine before the shoot who will be doing the hair and makeup.

Photographer Assistant(s)
Assistants are there to help the photographer with the routine tasks associated with a shoot, They will load film, adjust lights and carry the bags. When the photographer is using reflectors outdoors the assistants will be holding and aiming them. Often the assistants are photographers themselves sometimes they are friends helping out.

Often shoots last many hours and if you have lots people on the set people are going to get hungry and it may be better to have food or snacks brought in rather than taking a break especially if  travel to restaurants is involved. Most portfolio shoots are not that long in duration that food is an issue but if the shoot is going all day either bring some snack food / beverage as no one works well when they are starving