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For Tall Models
Being tall is a great benefit in modeling for in high fashion work the taller the better and those under 5'7" need not apply. Very slim or plus size being tall is an advantage. As much of a benefit as being tall is it does bring some problems for the beginner model.
The first is shoes. Most very tall girls do not wear high heels . High heels do make you taller which is one reason shorter girls love them but in modeling high heels primary function is not simply to add inches to your height, but to alter the alignment of the body. Stand next to a full length mirror and look at your legs. Then get up on your lippy toes and notice the change in the shape of your legs, they become more defined . It also alters the position of the hips and realigns the entire body. If there is nothing to define scale within the photo a viewer cannot tell if you are 5'1" of 6'1" but if you are not wearing high heels your legs will not look as good as they should!

The second thing that affects taller models is posture. Often in not wanting to stand out in a crowd because of their height they develop poor posture and slouch. Slouching really alters the body's geometry and not even high heels will help. Get out the high heels and stand tall and make use of the assets you possess.