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Your Workshop Coordinator
Like many my first interest in photography developed while I was in High School and matured while I was in college. My main interest then was sports photography and as photo editor of the college newspaper I photographed all major sports and some minor ones too. While going to school I was shooting weddings and high school sports for local studios.  In college I joined The Professional Photographers of America.

After college and a four year tour in the Army Signal Corps I pursued a career in sales while doing photography part time, primarily weddings and sports. Combining my interest in photography and Porsches led to photographing auto races and being published in both domestic and international racing publications.

My sales and photography careers merged when I entered the retail camera field and went on to manage camera shops while still doing my own photography. While managing one of those shops I started running the Model-Photographer Studio Workshops, primarily as a means of showcasing lighting and studio equipment. After leaving the shop I continued the Workshops and have been now for a over 15 years. In addition to weddings and sports I was now specializing in Model Portfolio Photography.

I have studied under Dean Collins, Monte Zucker, Tibor Horvath (Mr. Soft Touch) , Chuck Lewis, Leon Kennamer and Peter Nicastro . I have studied at The Nikon School and the Leica Schule in Wetzlar Germany as well as advanced training By Mamiya, Hassalblad and Tiffen.

For six years I  taught a Studio Lighting Course for  in the Cherry Hill Adult Education Program along with Several other photography courses.