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Since 1982 I have been conducting workshops for Photographers and Models , at first they were designed to help sell studio lighting equipment that the camera store I managed sold, then they were a field exercise for a lighting course I taught in the local Adult Ed program but from the beginning the main thing they have been is fun and a great way for both Photographers and Models to develop their portfolios. The early Workshops were real cattle calls with as many as 25 photographers and as 20 models. They were fun but way too crowded and that many models and photographers were just too large a group. Today's workshops usually have five to ten photographers and about 5 models. With this size group you can actually get to spend some time to get to know the people you are working with!

Unlike some other workshops we do not do any nudes. Our models range from 14 years old and up and are either new models just starting their career or more advanced models looking to augment their portfolios and we want a environment suitable for models of all ages.

Due to the limited number of spaces for both Models and Photographers advanced registration is required.

We conduct three different types of Workshops, Studio, Outdoor and Lingerie, again no nudity at any of our workshops. All are TFP workshops where the Models  are compensation for participating in the workshop is photos from the Photographers. This allows us to keep registration fees considerably lower for Photographers than any other workshops.

At the workshops we provide the facility, the backgrounds, lighting equipment and models. Photographers only need to provide their camera(s), lenses and film. Models need to provide their own wardrobe, hair and makeup.

Outdoor Workshops
Lingerie Workshops